The Miller Institute is pleased to announce
Miller Fellowship, Miller Research Professorship & Visiting Professorship Awards
granted during this year's competition.

The Miller Institute congratulates 2017 Miller Senior Fellows:
Jennifer Doudna, Alex Filippenko & Christos Papadimitriou!


Nicolas Mathevon

Study to Experimentally Demonstrate that Elephant Seals Have Rhythm

Nicolas Mathevon (Visiting Miller Professor 2008) led the study about elephant seals' individual identity. Elephant seals, like humans, use rhythm to respond to other members of their species in the wild.

Jeffrey Townsend

New Techniques to Pinpoint Evolution in Fungi

Jeff Townsend (Miller Fellow 2002-2005) collaborated on a National Science Foundation study of five types of fungi that has illuminated a successful new strategy for pinpointing genes responsible for the evolution of certain biological processes.

Alejandro Rico-Guevara

The Science of Hummingbirds

Alejandro Rico-Guevara's (Miller Fellow 2017-2020) current hummingbird research is featured in July's National Geographic magazine.

Hitoshi Murayama

Hitoshi Murayama Named One of the 100 Influencers in the World

Hitoshi Murayama (Miller Professor 2006) has been named a Genius Contributor for a project celebrating the 100th anniversary of the publication of Einstein's General Theory of Relativity.

Daniel Rabosky

2018 Henry Russel Lectureship Award

Daniel Rabosky (Miller Fellow 2009 - 2012) was selected to receive the Henry Russel Award that is one of the University of Michigan's highest honors for junior faculty members for his research about the evolutionary drivers responsible for the unequal composition and distribution of Earth's biodiversity.

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