Kelly Nguyen

Two Early Career Awards To Thi (Kelly) Nguyen

Thi (Kelly) Nguyen (Miller Fellow 2016 - 2019) was honored with The Genes Early Career Research Award for significant contributions to the understanding of the molecular mechanism of pre-messenger RNA splicing.

In July Kelly was presented with the 2016 RNA Society Scaringe Young Scientist Award for a significant contribution to the RNA field with her previous work in Cambridge, UK.

Marvin Cohen

Marvin Cohen to receive 2017 Franklin Medal

Marvin Cohen (Miller Professor 1969 - 1970, 1976 - 1977, 1988) was honored "for making possible atomic-scale calculations of the properties of materials so detailed that new materials and their mechanical, thermal, electrical and optical properties can be predicted in agreement with experiments."

Marla Feller

Project shares $1.7 million from the federal government’s BRAIN initiative

Marla Feller (Miller Fellow 1994 - 1996) to receive $100,000 from the National Institute of Mental Health to develop a high-speed volumetric multiphoton microscope for the study of developing neural circuits in the retina.

Bin Yu

Women in Machine Learning

Bin Yu (Miller Professor 2004, 2016 - 2017) was featured on the Women in Machine Learning website.

Greg Bowman

Two Miller Fellows Awarded the 2016 Packard Fellowships in Science and Engineering

Greg Bowman (Miller Fellow 2011 - 2014) - for developing computer algorithms for building maps of the different shapes a protein adopts and exploits insights from these models to re-engineer proteins.

Mikhail Shapiro

Mikhail Shapiro (Miller Fellow 2011 - 2013) - for developing a technology that could facilitate the study of cellular function in living animals and aid the development of cellular diagnostics and therapies.

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