The Miller Institute expects the Department and the Host Professor to help in the following ways:

  • Host Faculty agrees to support the general research related expenses of the Fellow.
  • Host Faculty & Department personnel shall anticipate the arrival of the Miller Fellow and have space available.
  • Host shall introduce the Miller Fellow within the department, to faculty and administrative staff and provide necessary instructions for interactions with those administrative persons who will handle business needs for the Fellow. (e.g. receipt of mail, photocopying, faxing, setting up computer workstations and accounts, etc.) Upon request, the Miller Fellow can provide a chartstring from their personal Miller Institute research fund to cover agreed upon expenditures within the department.
  • Department should include the Miller Fellow in any departmental orientations or welcome events for other postdocs so that they can feel a part of the departmental community.
  • Department should include Miller Fellow on departmental rosters, picture boards for postdocs, and emergency procedure lists.
  • As part of emergency & business resumption plans, be sure to include Miller Fellows in local department plans. Ensure that Miller Fellow receives appropriate safety training.
  • As Host Faculty, please be available to discuss research progress with your Miller Fellow. Although Miller Fellows are granted more independence than other postdocs on campus, they can benefit from your role as a mentor.