The Miller Institute is pleased to announce
Miller Fellowship, Miller Research Professorship & Visiting Professorship Awards
granted during this year's competition.

The Miller Institute congratulates 2017 Miller Senior Fellows:
Jennifer Doudna, Alex Filippenko & Christos Papadimitriou!


Sheila Patek

The Mechanics of Animal Motion in Mantis Shrimp

Sheila Patek's (Miller Fellow 2001 - 2004) research about the mantis shrimp, a small sea creature that looks something like a rainbow-colored lobster with a ball peen hammer attached to its face, featured on Planet Money.

Cedric Villani

Cédric Villani Wins a Seat in 2017 France's Parliamentary Elections

Cédric Villani (Visiting Miller Professor 2004), a prize-winning mathematician who was awarded the Fields Medal in 2010, is among the highest-profile newcomers in French politics.

Frank Sulloway

Behaviorally based approach in assessing animal personality

Frank Sulloway (Miller Fellow 1978 - 1980, Visiting Miller Professor 1999) and Mikel Delgado, UC Berkeley psychologists tracked such attributes as industriousness, neatness, tenacity, cautiousness and self-discipline in reviewing nearly 4,000 animal behavior studies.

Michael Manga

X-rays Helped to Solve Mystery of Floating Rocks

Michael Manga (Miller Fellow 1994 - 1996, Miller Professor 2008 -2009) and his collaborators at Berkeley Lab’s ALS used an X-ray technique at the ALS called microdiffraction, which is useful for studying the origins of crystals in volcanic rocks.

Robert Coleman


Special Collection in Honor of Robert F. Coleman

Robert Coleman (Miller Professor 1995) was one of the 20th century’s most influential number theorists. This special collection has been assembled in his memory.

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