Current Miller Senior Fellows

The Miller Senior Fellow program was introduced in 2008 with the appointment of Professor of Molecular and Cell Biology, Randy Schekman. This program takes its place alongside the Miller Fellowships, the Miller Research Professorships and the Miller Visiting Professorships.

Each of the Institute's programs plays an important role on campus. The Fellows program is intended for brilliant postdoctoral scientists, creative young women and men whom we wish to attract to Berkeley, on occasion leading to subsequent faculty appointments; the Research Professorships are appointments intended to allow UC faculty to focus full time on a new research direction by freeing them from teaching and committee work; the Visiting Professorships facilitate visits by outstanding scientists for the purpose of collaboration with Berkeley faculty and their research groups, and assists in recruiting new faculty. The Senior Fellows program is aimed differently, but still within the Institute's general purpose of supporting excellence in science at UC Berkeley. The Senior Fellow Program advances that goal by bringing selected faculty into the Institute in ways that enhance their interactions with Fellows, and other Institute members. Miller Senior Fellows are provided significant discretionary research funds. The Senior Fellows are also called upon to interact with the Miller Research Fellows, creating opportunities for the young scientists to gain new insights and perspectives at the postdoctoral stage of their careers.

Senior Fellow appointments are made to tenured UC Berkeley faculty for one year, renewable up to five. New Senior Fellows will be appointed at a rate allowing for a steady state of four to five such faculty. Each Senior Fellow will receive an annual research stipend, which can be used at his or her discretion to support research. The Senior Fellow will be a regular participant in the Institute's weekly lunches and seminars, and will mentor Miller Fellows through occasional relevant functions.

There are no self-nominations for this award. Recommendations and nominations may be solicited from the UC Berkeley community of past Miller Research Professors, Deans and Chairs of departments of science, the Chancellor, the Provost, and others. Selection criteria for the Senior Fellowship are multifaceted. Singular records of accomplishment, distinguished reputation and citizenry, demonstrated interest in promoting the interdisciplinary culture of the Miller Institute, and sustained campus efforts in faculty recruitment and retention are among the most important. Scientific distribution within the Institute's community and an unusual impact the award may have on a candidate's career will also be considered. Selection will be made by the Executive Committee in consultation with the Advisory Board of the Institute.

For more information on this program, please contact Kathryn Day, Chief Administrative Officer, at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.